Women’s Leadership Breakfast

Friday morning the CPBA held our women’s leadership breakfast, featuring first lady Madeleine Maxwell as the speaker! (I realize it’s now Tuesday but I’ve been a little under the weather so forgive my tardiness.)

I was approached about a month by Annette Watson, the head of the career center in the college of business, who asked me if I’d like to give Maddy’s introduction, as she’d be speaking at this year’s breakfast. That was the most flattering and terrifying proposition of my life. Maddy has given the introductions (the thoughtful, touching, gracious introductions) for every speaker for, like, the past 6 years I think. And every year they are beautiful and come with the most creative gift. This year, because I was helping with the introduction, I also got to be on the planning committee, who collaborated in order to make this breakfast as special for Maddy as she had made it for the past speakers, as well as special for the student, faculty, and community member attendees.

It was a hit! (I think). My intro was a little shaky but standing in front of a room full of influential women and future business leaders was a little intimidating, who knew. Maddy’s topic of choice was life, and the zigzags that made it so real. It was amazing to get to hear a few of her favorite stories, as well as the incredible events that led her here to Drake. Afterwards, we presented her with two gifts- a “whoopie pie recipe” that was really just a cute description of what makes Drake (complete with whoopie pies for all in attendance) and a bracelet engraved with “True Blue.” Maddy is the truest and bluest first lady we’ve ever had (at least in my past 3 years here…) and the committee was so happy to be able to honor her hard work and dedication here at Drake for the past 16 years.

I think everyone genuinely enjoyed hearing her anecdotes and advice, as well as the amaaazing breakfast Sodexo provided for us (some quiche thing and homestyle potatoes&sweet potatoes and fruit and ham- it was one of the fancier breakfasts I’ve eaten.) I loved being able to be involved in the planning part of the event and hope to be a part of next year’s breakfast as well!

Here’s a picture of some of my fellow house staff employees with Mrs. M herself:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


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