I’m engaged

to my one true love, my schoolwork.

I have heard of THREE different couples my age getting engaged this past week. One was my beautiful sorority sister Alida and we were all ecstatic when she told us about it. Happy makes happy. Another I got to WITNESS last night, which might actually have been the first proposal I’ve ever seen first hand.

It is terrifying that other 21 year olds have their lives together so much that they’re ready to pair up with another, forever. It’s also terrifying that my mom and both of my older sisters were married or about to be by the time they were this age. As happy as I am for my sisters finding their true loves so young, I can’t imagine being that stable that I could do that right now. I’m terrible at making decisions, I’m kind of flaky, and I lose my hairbrush on the daily. (future employers if you’re reading this, I’m only unstable in my personal life- I am SUPER stable in a professional setting! I hardly ever lose my pencils.) I would never be able to give my all to someone else right now and be able to say with confidence that I wanted to spend forever with them. I hope that day comes but right now I’m happy enough being just me, without any he.

So I’ll focus on my schoolwork, because I have 2 midterms and a project due this week. Clearly schoolwork needs my full attention, so needy.



One thought on “I’m engaged

  1. OMGosh I love you Mollie… so real… so true…. keep losing that hair brush.. much cheaper than a cell phone that happens to me at least weekly and I blame it on lost brain cells caused by having 3 children….

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