Spring Break 2015

I spent mine in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was beautiful and I think I was meant for the beach.

We had such a blast- I went down with 14 of my sorority sisters and stayed in a gorgeous beachfront condo. We cooked for ourselves for much of the week (and by that I mean easy mac and fruit) and ate dinner out. I got to try so many new things. Listed below because that’s my style.


I ate fried oysters. I’m in love.

I saw my friend Katie from Chile for the first time since we left last June.

I ate at Hooters. Big fan of the wings, the outfits not so much.


I spent 6 straight days at the beach. Which I hope to repeat at some point in the near future. Heaven.

I collected ‘bama shells. All week. That was a highlight.

Anyways we had a ton of fun, but back to reality, after a short 17 hour car ride home. SB2015 was a success.

kappa juniors


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