Back to Reality

Whatever happened to Eminem? He was such an inspired artist.

But actually, reality is back, and it brought homework. Not just homework, but scholarship application deadlines, cold/rainy days, and group projects. Iowa why do you do this to me. Alabama was so nice.

Spring Break is officially over and you can feel it on campus. The stress of trying to get everything done before Prelays hits in a couple of weeks is overwhelming. Everyone relaxed way too hard last week and we are collectively feeling the repercussions of it this week. (for example, I just had to spell check repercussions).

On a more exciting note, I just have to make it through this week and then I will be attending my FIRST FRATERNITY FORMAL EVER. I could lie and say I was just always busy during every fraternity formal for the past three years, but the title of this post is “reality,” so this is also my FIRST FRATERNITY FORMAL INVITE EVER. How exciting, right? And it’s in Minnesota, or what many of my classmates here refer to as “God’s country.” So roadtrip, √, fun time with some Sig Ep friends, √, visiting a new place, √, and my friend’s boyfriend lives up there and has cats at his house which might be the most exciting part of the whole trip, √.

The downfall of going to formal is that I’m missing out on mom’s weekend at Kappa this Saturday & Sunday. But it’s okay because I’m lucky enough to have my mother 15 minutes away at all times, so we can just get brunch next week. That’s the bad thing about Drake- there’s always so much going on that you’re bound to be missing out on something at all times. But options are nice.



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