Ingersoll Tap

For our marketing 106 class, which is Integrated Marketing Communications, we’re required to do this project that looks at a new company (5 years or younger) and makes suggestions on which direction to go with their marketing. Our group chose Ingersoll Tap.

Ingersoll Tap is this new bar on Ingersoll (surprised?) next to Palmer’s Deli. It’s in the same place as the old Suzette’s candy shop, which I got to tour as a child (connections, ayoo) and was super reminiscent to revisit. It was established just last September and is the perfect project for our group. They’ve mostly been working on just getting off their feet, so they haven’t necessarily been marketing focused.

It was so interesting to be able to sit down with the owner and talk about why he chose Des Moines. He looked at like 6 different cities to move to in order to start this bar (he’s originally from Arizona), and settled with Des Moines. I love when people love Des Moines. Our economy is nice, our parks are nice, our restaurant scene is nice, our schools are nice (generally), & our people are nice. His only complaint was the lack of hiking trails. Which sure I guess that is a downfall for those in touch with nature but I’m not huge on the outdoors. I like an outing every once and a while (like this weekend when I visit Arizona!!) but I would never make hiking a weekly event.

We had only ever seen the bar from the outside, which is how I came to love the place. The front patio is sweet. The inside, however, is gigantic compared to Drake bars and seemed like it would be a fun time. His target are those older than 25, to avoid the downtown binge drinkers and college crazies I think. There’s not really a theme to the bar yet, although he said he originally wanted it to be a whiskey bar, and plans on continuing down that pathΒ in the future. They also have a million different kinds of bar, with 14 non-domestics on tap, including 4 local brands. It seemed like a place that could be really Indy/Hipster if they wanted to, with a trivia night on Thursdays called “Geeks Who Drink.” All in all it was a chill venue. The music playing was like laid-back, old school jams that I couldn’t really get on board with but I’m sure his target market enjoys. Check it out sometime- and you can hit up Wellman’s and Star Bar while you’re in the neighborhood as well!

I <3 Des Moines.


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