I got to spend this last weekend in sunny Tuscon, which really is as beautiful as everyone has told you it is. In addition to the excitement of exploring a new city, I also got to see some of my favorite friends from Chile. These are some people that I know I will have as lifelong friends, and it was so great to be able to see them again, even if for just a short trip. Some highlights:

AZ fam

Night number one I got to see 6/10 of the AZ wildcats I met and bonded with in Chile. That was the best. It felt like we were back in Chile, only now Chile was filled with college hipsters and everyone spoke English.


Carson is the best fake tour guide. He and Camille (and for a brief period Colin) showed me around U of A’s gigantic campus. I definitely looked like a freshman because everything was so cool to me. Their student union had a Panda Express. That made me doubt my choice in colleges for a second (but only for a second, I love you DU). Hasta nunca, Colin.

hiking in AZ

On Saturday we went for a hike. This is Camille trying to get a closer look at some gross tadpoles. I have never hiked in my life (unless you count our short canyon tour of the Atacama or our canyoning excursion in Pucon. neither of which were even close to this). It was a blast though and definitely something I’d do again. The trail was unmarked and you kind of just had to wing it and hope that the path you just chose didn’t end in death. I was certain I wouldn’t make it out of there alive at some points. Mostly because I’m dramatic, there wasn’t any real peril involved (minus the climb straight up the side of a rock and the cacti everywhere and the vicious man-eating coyotes we encountered (the last one is made up)).

tuscon from A mounatin

This is the view from the A side of “A Mountain.” It’s like U of A’s pride and joy, this giant white “A” overlooking the city of Tuscon.

sunset from A mountain

This is the view from the other side of “A Mountain,” because we made it there for sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous, and we got to cross it off Carson’s bucket list!

easter waffle houseAZFinally on Sunday (Easter Sunday, which I hadn’t realized at all when I first booked my trip), we had a filling breakfast of burritos and mimosas, chilled at Camille’s, and headed back up to Phoenix to see another Chile friend. Alex was part of the AIFS City gang, and just happened to be in Phoenix at the same time for an interview and to visit family. So lucky to be able to meet up with him and catch up. It was the most unconventional Easter I’ve ever had, but I loved every second (aside from the leaving part).

Then Camila y Carçon (got the ç right that time) drove me to the airport and I said the shortest goodbye of my life. I think those are easier because there’s less chance of me crying. Not crying only because I was sad (except yes I am always sad to say goodbye to people I love) but also because I was so lucky to find these two fast friends abroad. Friends that understand my love for travel and Latin American culture, and who miss Chile almost as much as I do, and who can deal with my sarcasm and my cheesiness and my loud laugh. This weekend was one of my favorite of the entire semester, and I can’t wait for the next round of memories I get to make with my favorite West Coast-ers. xoxo,


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