I’m not going to Spain (officially)

If you know me, then you probably know the following two things:

1 – I love planning things out. I have tried time and time again to chill out and just let life happen but there’s a certain level of decision-making where I just need to know what’s going to take place, to have a little peace of mind. A Friday night- plans can change and that’s fine. My job choice after I graduate- let’s just say that not knowing what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be doing it is pretty rough on the planner in me.

2 – Big decisions are not my thing. I will go back and forth for days or even weeks before making a big decision, to ensure the optimal level of red alert in the planning section of my brain (I think that’s a real thing). I want to plan things out but what if I make the wrong choice and there’s no going back? There’s also moments where I go the complete other direction and make big decisions smaller so that they’re easier to make, like my spur of the moment tattoo or when deciding whether to get ice cream or cheesecake for dessert (if you don’t think that’s a big decision that you really don’t know me). That spontaneity, when I completely turn off the Event Planner Mollie, is generally when I have the most fun.

So when deciding about Spain, I took a solid month and a half to really figure it out. It involved multiple budget reports and chats with financial aid, a look at whether this experience would really be worth missing my senior year fall semester, and a detailed Pro/Con list. I decided last week, after missing the deadline to sign my lease at West Village, that I wanted to stay. Instead, I’m now (tentatively) planning on a three week J-Term in Salamanca. That way I can still see Spain, and learn more Spanish, and experience something new. However now, I can also save some money, and see my friends all fall, and continue working here in dsm.

Europe will be still be there next January.



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