So far I have:

1. Street painted √√√ I’ve never gotten to participate in this before because freshman year it got cancelled and last year I was MIA en Chile. Here’s two pics…11146268_10205653953163770_5710800995500782711_n 11160665_10205653951043717_2197818138308999199_n

My dad (who you will see below) is a proud Drake alum and had no clue that street painting had turned into that^. He was very confused and had to confirm that we actually did still paint the street. Check out kappa’s square when you’re on campus this week, I helped paint the bulldog so I’m pretty artistic.

2. Attended our fierce first lady’s 70th birthday get together. Pictured below you will see Maddy (the queen for the day), Katherine (the queen’s house coordinator), Eunice (a fellow house/event staffer), and myself trying really hard to be fierce and fab and failing miserably because I always end up laughing. I love being able to have real conversations with the Maxwell’s, and am going to miss them too much next year.

3. Volunteered at the DU Blue Book Bash. It’s exciting to see that it’s still going after being able to help start it up two years ago! I got to know some pretty cool kids from Monroe elementary and got to show them that reading is kind of fun.

4. Ran the Grand Blue Mile with my father. He would have preferred a longer race, I would have preferred the kid’s fun run (.25 miles, ayooo). I managed to take a semi-tough looking picture with him. My face did not look like that by the end of the mile (the longest mile of my life). But he and my step mom took me to get a burrito and ice cream afterward so it all worked out for the best. I love having alums in the family.


Stay tuned… relays is still going and so am I (barely), xoxo


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