The Rest of Relays

I was going to go to the events on Friday. I started the day strong with free tacos at Theta (thanks Hayleigh <3). But it was raining pretty hard. So I went to the mall instead of the stadium. I bought a rain jacket. And then I met my soaking wet family at Jethro’s for lunch. Pretty good morning for me.

Just typing the word Jethro’s makes me want wings.

Then we got to go to the 3oh3 concert that night. It was kind of a let down because it was chilly and I didn’t really know any of the songs. Still kind of fun. The worst part was that all the relays concessions were right by the stage but nothing was open, aka no pineapple whip.

Saturday I got to go to a little bit of our alumni breakfast at Kappa before heading out to a full day of graduation activities for my wonderful mother. Ethan (my nephew) is pretty cute. 

My mom graduated magna cum laude from Grandview University (another school in Des Moines) with a bachelor of arts in paralegal studies and concentration in HR. That’s probably at least 90% accurate but they use different words than Drake so I’m not positive. I am so so so proud of her for accomplishing this. She has attended school, first at DMACC and then at Grandview, for the past 6 years, all while working a full time and part time job, and still managing to support me in my high school & college activities. She’s basically superwoman. I’m pretty proud.

That was the end of my relays week, unless you count today where I struggle to catch up on all of the schoolwork I put off this past week. I’d rather end it on a good note though. Happy Relays 2015, bulldogs!


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