Web Training

Drake just never stops offering me great experiences. At a certain point it’s like stop showering me with skills, you’ve given me enough, this is getting embarrassing.

I’m joking. I obviously don’t have that many skills because I misspelled embarrassing and had to go back and fix that.

But today I got to train for website edits on Drake’s system, so I am almost officially able to do web edits! This opportunity came about from our study abroad coordinator. We’ve been working on social media projects for Drake’s Study Abroad program this semester, and during our last meeting she offered me this great chance to be able to help out in another way. She told me that the study abroad page on Drake’s website is a little out of date and could be more helpful for students, and asked if I would be willing to make some edits. Which I jumped on, because it meant 1)helping the study abroad department and 2)learning a sweet new skill.

This afternoon I sat down with Carla from IT and learned how to make edits in the International sections of Drake’s site on Terminal 4. It was a great learning experience and isn’t over- I now have to take quizzes on blackboard to make sure I actually know what I’m doing, and once I pass those I can officially edit! (Even though it has to wait for approval which is totally fine with me)

Thanks for the skills, DU


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