Round 2

I’m going back to Chile (chile…chile…)

And I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about anything. This is giving me such an awesome chance to actually become more independent. I have no study abroad group to rely on, just my family and friends 2 hours away in Viña del Mar. This time around, I’m going to Saaaantiago, city of saints. (Not sure if that’s the literal translation or not). I am currently apartment hunting but I leave in exactly TWO weeks. I am also currently attempting to improve my Spanish because although I have learned a lot over this past year, I still struggle every time I speak it which is the most terrifying aspect about this entire trip. I’m workin though. Also terrifying is living on my own in a city a million times the size of Des Moines. But I can’t wait.

My mother is freaking out, per usual, my father just found out about it a few days ago, per usual. As for myself, I’m at a pretty good balance between my mother’s natural state of worry and my father’s extreme relaxation. This is something I’ve wanted for literally so long, so I know that everything will work out.

Wish me luck, as my next few weeks in Des Moines are filled with work, shopping, and the longest to-do list I have ever made. xoxo


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