The Real World is Rough

Just dropped a little over $2000 on summer expenses. A friend of mine is doing an internship in CO and spent $5000 on her summer rent and first grocery trip and airfare. We are both freaking out a little because the real world is scary. I’m not so independent that I won’t go to my parents in the event of an empty bank account. I am so independent that I avoid an empty bank account at all costs. However, I feel like airfare to Chile and securing a place to stay once I get there are both costs that are warranted right?

I found a place near plaza italia which is this place:


And it’s shared living, with two other girls from the U.S. and one from Chile, although all three are completely foreign to me and I’m a little scared… What if we don’t get along? I lived in kappa this past year with girls that I loved and knew well and sometimes I admit we didn’t all get along so what am I supposed to do if I don’t get along with 3 girls I don’t know at all!? I’m a people person so I’m not THAT worried. But what if they’re not people people (real phrase??)? I’m gonna have to make them like me. Probably by sharing my food and funny jokes with them. Those are the only cards I have really.

But so anyways this place is right by bellavista- aka the fun neighborhood- right at the foot of cerro san cristobal which is where the ZOO is and I might actually get to go this time around good ole Stgo. The biggest plus is that it’s right next to the metro so my commute is only like 21 minutes. Not bad in a city of 183 million (just kidding idk how big it is).

Next on my to-do list: buy my own phone charger (i’ve been bumming off of other people since before spring break now, bc i’m cheap//broke) & see 80 different people before I head down south. Let’s go. xoxo


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