They Say Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

I am so excited for this summer (winter) in Chile. But I feel like people are acting like this is a normal thing for me and it’s so not.

I’ve left the country once in my life, and my study abroad program AIFS held my hand the entire time. Which was great because I always felt prepared and safe and ready for whatever. Now, I’m going alone. Like solo, don’t know anyone, all alone. I’m cool with being alone but there’s just so much more that can go wrong. Like I miss a flight or I lose my luggage or I get lost. I’m confident in my improvising skills but it’s still pretty nerve wracking. Like I’m actually scared.

BUT if I’ve learned anything from the strong female characters in my favorite movies (aka Legally Blonde and Clueless, judge freely I completely understand), it’s that you have to be bold, and you have to take risks. If you don’t you have to live with regrets and what-ifs.

So to fight through the fear I’m adding up all the cool things I’m going to experience this summer…

1. A commute. Like a real, big city, subway commute to work every day.

2. A new home. With new roommates and rules and a new language.

3. A real internship. With a Des Moines company I’ve always admired. In a different language with different cultural norms. Marketing experience on an international level.

4. Travel. Exploring Santiago. Maybe checking out somewhere new in Chile (Easter Island? Chiloe?).

5. Seeing old friends. My Viña family, mi amiga Barbara, my friends from the U.S. who are in the land down under this summer.

6. Learning Spanish. Like actually trying to learn it this time. Reading and speaking and practicing every day.

7. Reading. Finally having time to sit down with a good book. Relaxing at a coffee shop.

8. Stray dogs… I’m not sure how I feel about big city stray dogs but I loved the ones in Viña and they’re probably related.

So these are some pretty cool things. That I’m really excited for. Which would generally calm me down but I currently have 27 tabs open on my computer trying to find a place to stay and learn Chilean phrases and yes there’s a netflix tab open obviously because when you’re stressing, SNL is the only true cure. Wish me luck in the next couple of days while I try to make some last minute $$ waitressing but also see my friends and family and maybe sleep a little bit too and definitely find an apartment for the next 2 and a half months (my original place fell through so my stress level is like neck high right now). xoxo

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