Gonna be a Chile Summer

Because it’s winter there right now.

And because the name of the country is Chile.

Chile is a lot like Iowa in that Iowans don’t know where Chile is on a map and Chileans don’t think Iowa is even a real place.

I leave TOMORROW MORNING. Ready for a full day of travel, with 6 hours of layover and a million hours in a tiny seat on a giant jet. Probably ready for my first week back in Chile, making sure my living situation is legit and starting my online class and my internship and learning Spanish and all.

Not ready to leave my friends and my family and my city for the summer. As much crap as DSM gets, I love this place and am always sad to leave it, especially for the entire summer.

I am fully packed and found out today I could’ve checked two bags. But I think I’m good with the one, I feel like I have all my essentials and more. As I write this though I’m remembering things I still need to throw in a bag. Like my pup.

FullSizeRender (1)

Speaking of puppies, I had to say goodbye to my two favorite golden doodles yesterday. And two of my biggest supporters at Drake. President Maxwell, First Lady Maddy, Gus, George, and my little Moosers leave for Asheville this next month. We had to do our goodbyes yesterday and I got a little emotional. They have been such an amazing influence in my life, and such an incredible couple of role models. Their lives are so cool- the stories and the lessons they have shared will stay with me forever. And I know this won’t be the last time I’ll be seeing them. These are people that I expect to have with me for life, near or far.

Anyways. Look for updates on my first week. xoxoxo


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