Beautiful Chile

I was so excited to come back to Chile. To me, this is the most beautiful country in the world. With bustling cities, crashing coastal waves, majestic mountains, vast deserts… this country has it all.

This trip has been a little different though. It has been a lot more work, a lot less relaxation, and more stress than I even experience at home with my crazy full schedule. Every day I try to find the beauty of this country in the small things. In the dog waiting at the cross walk for the light to turn. In the new food I got to try. In the last bit of light reflecting off the buildings before the sun sets. But some days it’s just too hard to find. Like the days when you have to wait for 23 metros to pass before you can finally squeeze your way on. Or the days when your feet are so blistered from walking that you have to limp back to your apartment at the end of the day. Or the days when all of your warm clothes are dirty so you have to do jumping jacks every ten minutes stay warm in your unheated apartment. Or the days when your new black work jeans stain your legs black, because you may literally be the most unlucky girl alive.

At the end of all those days though, I just have to remember that last part- that I am alive and healthy. Even if nothing was beautiful today, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking. It means I bought myself a candy bar on the way home, because it really was just one rough day. Tomorrow I’ll find my beautiful Chile again, somewhere in the twists and turns of this gigantic city. Maybe not in the straight faced business people pushed up against me on the subway, or at the lunch table where I can barely understand my coworkers through their speed and slang, but somewhere I’ll find it. And if I know me, which I do, it will probably involve small miracles, chocolate, or an animal.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Chile

  1. You got this Miss Mollie. You are so strong , positive, beautiful and optimistic. Without a doubt tomorrow you will find the beauty of the Chile you love!!!!

  2. Mollie, I have been following your posts and I really am enjoying your adventure. It really amazing and brave of you to do this. I can not imagine doing this by myself. In reading your post today, I am sad to hear your struggle. I really hope you see the beauty again soon. I think what you are seeing is thru the eyes of the people who really live there and not thru the eyes of a tourist. That is always a different view. It says to me that the people in Chili live in a beautiful place, but maybe life is such a struggle that they don’t get to enjoy it or see the beauty. I really hope and pray you met someone who can be a special friend that brightens everything up for you!

  3. You are an awesome young woman Mollie Wheeler and you will find your beautiful Chile again because you are looking. Kinda rough out there on your own and sometimes ME gets in our way but sounds to me like you won’t let that happen for long. Keep plugging Mollie and enjoy your opportunities.

  4. Molly, I lived in Japan for a year. What your feeling is typical of an expat. It will get better. Your whole life has changed drastically and your not on vaca so your view of the country is WAY different. It’s kind of like vacations are surface experiences. Yours is a deeper experience. Once we go under the surface and live deeper we see what real life is like. Not always fun, a little lonely as no one understands what you are going through, (how could you explain it anyway???), and you are isolated because of the language barrier. It will get better. Not like home but better. My best advice is keep journaling about how you are feeling, know you will feel this way for a time longer than you want, and understand that most people will not understand how you feel or just how hard it is sometimes. Seek out others expats and spend time with them. You will be amazed at how much this helps. Know that this experience will change you in ways that you won’t see/understand for years to come but you will smile one day when you connect the dots. Last, but not least, take pictures of everything that you’ve never seen before or think is odd or amazing. Once you’ve lived there for a time things that are different/unique/interesting become common to you and you don’t want to forget those things! It took me about 3 months but I found my niche of people, places, and things I liked to do. Since I was only there for a year I kept a wall around me (totally normal) and didn’t get too involved as I knew I would leave soon. It’s weird, wonderful, difficult and life changing. Hard to explain to anyone that hasn’t experienced living in another country… Message me anytime and we’ll chat if you need to!

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