My upswing

Can’t keep me down for long. Especially when I have the support of so many people who actively want to see me succeed. I am so lucky to have the people I have in my life.

In the days since my súper depressing post, these things happened to me:

My barista Jorge called me by name when I walked into Starbucks

My boss showed me a machine in our office that gives you coffee for 100 pesos (like 20 cents maybe)

I figured out how do to new things with excel (that one is exciting I know)

I met with some of my favorite people from my study abroad experience and we reminisced and laughed and ate pizza

My cool roommates threw me a welcome dinner and let me practice my Spanish with them

The cat that lives outside my building and I became friends

I met with a cool Drake grad who loves Chile equally if not more than I do

As a result of the previous, I figured out that I’m definitely applying for a Fulbright grant after graduation

I met another gringo that works at Principal here, who invited me to have almuerzo with his family tomorrow

I tried a submarino, which is hot chocolate but fancier because they give you steamed milk with a bar of chocolate and you stir it all up

I witnessed another protest on my street, this time at 7 a.m.

Chile beat Bolivia 5-0 in la copa america

I dropped the class that was causing me so much stress

That last one was a very hard decision for me, as I generally don’t quit. As kind of a life motto. But to be in a country this beautiful and to spend every day stressing about getting on the metro to rush home to do homework, passing up on exciting opportunities in order to read for class, and studying in my room instead of reading my Spanish book in the café down the street… that was just too much for me. I thought that I could handle a full time internship and one online class, because during the semester I do more than that and I’m fine. But being in Chile is an awesome opportunity and I don’t want to miss out on any of the things that come along with that. Like traveling to Viña for a weekend trip or having dinner with mis chilenos to practice my Spanish and try a new food. I gave up my summer for this, and I am so happy that I will finally be able to relax and enjoy myself. This means trying new things, learning this language finally, working hard at my internship, and living every day to its very fullest. My summer abroad in Chile is just beginning, and today has been one of my favorite days so far.


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