I love luxury. Luxury is something I know I want from my life. Which I know sounds silly if you’ve ever seen my car or most of my shoes. But I don’t need luxury in every aspect, I need it in the little things. For me, it’s luxurious to grab a cup of coffee and read a book in a comfy chair. And it’s luxurious to buy the more expensive dessert because it looks like it’s worth it. And it’s luxurious to nap in the sunlight streaming in through your window at 4 in the afternoon. Luxury for me always includes relaxation, and generally includes food.

The real definition is this: “something that is not essential but provides pleasure and comfort” or “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do.”

The way I do luxury though, I think it is semi-essential indulgence that allows you to relax and take a moment for yourself. The word indulgence is also a good one. The type of luxury I’m after is like a super low-maintenence version of the same word. If that makes sense. It’s taking things that you need in life (relaxation, good tasting food, laughter) and enjoying every bit of it way too much.

Real luxury is diamond rings, expensive cars, fur coats, spacious mansions. Those things are nice yeah. But I don’t think the price tag is what makes something luxurious. For me at least. Like a nice pair of slippers is luxurious. A comfy bed. A warm cup of tea. A good book.

If you think of all the small things in your life that really aren’t essential for your survival as special, then everything feels luxurious. Which is awesome because it’s so much easier to be happy when you’re not constantly chasing after the unattainable luxury of the rich and famous. Like listen to half the songs on the radio… people want to be rich. But if you take all of the small things and treat them like luxuries than it’s basically like you’re rich. You can be happy with less, you just can’t think of it that way.

This is the take from a broke college student set on living a luxurious life.


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