Devastating News

This just in, a breaking news update, student blogs at Drake University have just been cut– I repeat, I am out of a job.

Many today are mourning the loss of this particular program, as it served to help some students pay for meals and those students will, as a result, now have to cut back to ramen and cheese cubes.

By many I mean me. And by some students I also mean me. However, I am finding a silver lining here in that 1) I won’t get depressed when I don’t always have something to write about and 2) I will get to write whatever I want. But actually, I pretty much write whatever I want now, just with some filters here and there. I also tend to write towards a specific audience, aka I am almost always trying to sell Drake when I write about my experiences. Not sell in a way where I twist the truth, but sell in a way where I am always talking about my classes, my organizations, my overall enjoyment of this beautiful school.

Now, I can have my very own personal blog! Although I don’t think I can get rid of the “Drake” part in my site link so, I may have to change my last name to WheelerDrake. In order not to confuse my readers. I’ll still write about Drake of course, since it’s a huge part of my life. But now, I’ll just be one of those 21 year olds who pretends she can write, instead of one of those 21 year olds with a paycheck as an excuse to pretend she can write.

So if you’re still interested in how my life is going to turn out (I know I am), feel free to continue reading. But I can’t promise it won’t get cheesy, especially going into my senior year. It’s really only going to get lamer.



One thought on “Devastating News

  1. Not to worry, dear Molly. When it comes to money, my grandmother always told me not to waste good days fretting over it. They can always make more.
    I look forward to your Senior year cheesieness, as I doubt it will be anything but lame.

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