Accomplishments this weekend

Is finishing one and a half seasons of Desperate Housewives considered an accomplishment? No? Ok then we’re back at square one.

Chile had a holiday last Thursday (which I googled but still do not fully understand), which meant Thursday and Friday off for me. Total bliss. I got to relax and hang out and yes watch an absurd amount of DH. I also got to visit Pablo Neruda’s Santiago home, La Chascona. To commemorate this day, I sat down and started reading one of his poetry books that I had bought from the street a few weeks back. Spanish is really so rough but I do think I’m getting more of a handle on it.

Other than that one thing I did, the rest of the weekend was pretty chill. My roommates and I have weekly turnos, or chores, which is hard for me since I hate to clean but it’s all good. So I got that checked off. I also got a LOT of cooking practice. This is valuable for me as I will be living on my own this next year and will most likely need to eat something other than cereal for every meal. And almost all of the cooking was done on the skillet, my new favorite cooking utensil. I’m definitely getting braver in the kitchen.

Yesterday I had plans to explore a little bit, or go for a run maybe, or read in the park. But it was rainy so my bed was calling my name. And by calling I mean basically yelling for me to stay and lounge 4ever.

These were my only two tweets from the past 4 days.


I am happy to be back to work today after that nice four day break though. I need a little intellectual stimulation every once and a while.


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