Coming to an End

For my last few weeks in Chile, I’ve really stepped up my explorations. Saturday, my friend and I went to La Vega, a giant fresh food market in Santiago. It was interesting to see this side of town, as it was much dirtier than Providencia and Los Condes, where I live and work. My friend reminded me that this is how a lot of Chileans live. Which is hard to take in. At La Vega, mi amiga bought her groceries while I observed. They sell cereal and nuts out of barrels, and everything is by the kilo. We also got to eat some street food, get fresh juice, and I found a dog to play with because that’s just who I am. Afterwards we went to La Piojera, a bar nearby that is supposed to be a must see when you come to Santiago. There were tons of people, chanting and cheering with Chilean pride, most of them probably (definitely) a little drunk. It was like 6 PM. We got a couple of terremotos, which is the word for earthquake and also the word for the best drink in town. It’s cheap wine, grenadine, and pineapple ice cream. You’d like it probably. Anyways by the time we left, the sun was doing beautiful things over the mountains. Súper buen día.

Yesterday, I went to a cafe near my house that I had been wanting to try and read poetry. I accidentally kept pressing the “hear” button on my google translate (my book was in Spanish for practice) and it was absolutely so embarrassing in the almost empty cafe. So I can’t go back there but good experience. Afterward, my fellow Iowan (who I met basically through fate) and I headed slightly out of town to visit the Concha y Toro winery. Only 24 metro stops from my house. Probably an exaggeration but who can be sure. It was super fun, except for the part where the normal wine tour turned into a lame haunted house (one of their most famous wines is called Casillero del Diablo so they told this legend with lights and creepy noises in their basement wine cellar and it was like a little too Satanic for me)(and also way lame). But the wine at the end of the tour was not lame, and they gave us a free wine glass! We decided to continue our elegance by ordering ceviche and a cheese plate and oxigenating what was left of our wine. Because we’re wine snobs now. At the end of the evening, a waiter came up to talk to us and asked where we were from and if we spoke Spanish and was very suprised that we did. My very smart Iowan friend followed up with “Solo entendemos ‘gratis’ y ‘vino’” which means “we only understand ‘free’ and ‘wine’,” so he brought us free wine. Sometimes it pays to be foreign here.

This week I have plenty planned as well. Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with a girl who will be studying with AIFS in Viña for the next semester (I’d like to think because of my convincing) to show her the ropes of Santiago before she heads to the coast. And other than that my big plans include cafes and new restaurants. So I guess that’s not that exciting (for you) but I’m pumped. And it’s my last week in my internship! So it’s both a happy and sad week. That ends with my traveling back to the USA for 4 days (I <3 the US) and hopefully getting some kind of boneless wing. Wing makes it sound singular, there will be an abundance of wings I’m sure.

Chao chao.


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