Classes @ Drake

So I feel like for the past couple of semesters I’ve given my readers an unsolicited rundown of what my class schedule looks like. And every semester I say the same thing – that I’m majorly excited because my classes all seem super interesting. I’m just now realizing how incredibly lucky I am to be able to say this. A lot of college students have at least a few semesters where they are dreading each and every one of their courses. But after I leave every first day of class here at Drake, I’m actually pumped to see what the semester has in store for me.

I think Drake is great at customizing your path. For instance, I wanted to learn about culture. That was basically my one and only request when I entered this university. So they placed me in International Business. Now, not only do I get to learn about culture in almost every class I take, but I also get to learn about business, which is how I decided to add my second major, marketing. Along with this double major, I’ve been able to complete a semester abroad and a certificate of competence in Spanish. What an incredible way to combine everything I love into my four year program.

This semester I’m taking Globalization, Global Marketing, Internet Marketing, International Finance, Consumer Behavior, and Electronic Commerce. All classes that apply to my life, apply to my interests, and apply to my future career.

When I graduate, and someone asks me my major, I’m not just going to say IB/Marketing. I’m going to say I focused on International Business from a Marketing perspective, looking specifically at how cultural aspects affect international trade and promotion, and within that, concentrating on Latin America: their culture, language, geography, and current economic state. I was also able to take classes specific to my marketing interests, such as Integrative Marketing Communications and others that helped me learn more about social media and the ad campaigns that can be used with this channel.

Like that’s not something I even had to prepare. That’s just naturally what I would respond if someone asked me to go more in depth about what I’ve learned in my time here at Drake. But the only reason that’s natural is because of how the business school and language center have helped me grow and have shaped me as a professional.

I’m just really happy about choosing this school. And I cannot wait to see how my senior year turns out.


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