Happiness in the 515

Sometimes life is just happy.

Like when you get to spend your Sunday morning with your family. Including the sister you haven’t seen since May. And the nephew who can be a little monster but gives the best little monster hugs. And the other 3 humans who were there, making you laugh, making you roll your eyes, and most importantly making you food.

Or like when you sit down to dinner with your friends and barely have time to breathe between peals of laughter, because things just work with them. I love that I found my people.

Or like when your mom offers to make chili for 12 of your friends, and cater to that one friend who asks for mashed potatoes with her soup because she genuinely wants to make everyone happy. Even Cooper.

Or like when your dad likes the same tv shows as you and plans a weekly viewing party for the semester (party of 3). And your stepmom takes your car in to get the a/c fixed because she understands your crazy busy schedule and wants to make your life just a little bit easier.

How incredibly blessed am I.


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