Classy Gal

Taking 18 credits is terrible. Everyone will tell you it’s manageable which like, I mean I haven’t passed out from exhaustion or anything (yet), but it’s definitely not a fun time. However, taking 18 credits of classes you’re interested in makes it a little more bearable.

International Finance is one class that I was not looking forward to taking, but now I actually really don’t mind it. Exchange rates still confuse me like a lot, but it’s getting easier and it doesn’t seem as hard as everyone made it out to be. It also helps that I’m taking Globalization and Global Marketing at the same time. They all kind of overlap – for instance, we covered exchange rate systems in all three classes within the same two week span. So when I had 4 tests in one week, it helped that these three kind of matched up. Globalization is probably my favorite class right now. Professor Kappen has been some sort of advisor to me for the past three years, and it’s fun having a real class with him. The subject matter is always interesting, although I’m learning more about politics than I had really expected. Politics is too much like history and therefore not a subject I’m interested in. Global Marketing is actually a harder class than I had previously thought, mostly because the test we just had covered some super obscure facts and figures that I had not reviewed, and our professor finds some strange joy in not giving any As on his exams. However, he’s a real fun time in class, and makes most 8 am days start out nice and chill with a few laughs.

Consumer Behavior is a sweet class. As a marketer, this is a pretty crucial topic – you have to know how your consumer behaves, thinks, and makes choices. There are so many different factors that go into it (like personality, motivation, etc.). Luckily I’m in this class with some fun ladies and the best professor I’ve ever had (Edrington). She covers everything so, like, succinctly. I’m not sure if that’s the right word but I just really like the way she lays everything out so simply. She makes sure you understand with relatable examples and group exercises and the material is stuff I know I’ll use later on. I’ll be sad after this semester when I don’t have any more classes with her.

Then there’s E-Commerce. I don’t actually enjoy this class that much. Maybe because it’s at 3:30 (when I should be napping) or because the power points are black and white and the topics covered really aren’t. I just get bored. Tech related subjects are not really my thing. Unless it’s about marketing tech related subjects. Like the new apple iphone commercial where “the only thing that’s changed is everything” but like actually nothing:

I hate that commercial because at the end of it I’m left wondering why on earth anyone would upgrade to a phone where the only thing that’s different is that you can preview an email. Which, like, cool I guess. Anyways E-Commerce is a required course and that’s really all I have to say about that.

Lastly there’s Internet Marketing. That’s the class that is forcing me to write blog posts again in order to communicate my personal brand to all my fans (or future employers). It’s very interesting because I get to hear how all my classmates have their lives figured out and how I’m pretty much the only one who still doesn’t have a clue. A fun weekly reminder. I really do like the class though because marketing strategy is what I’d like to go into and internet marketing is something I’ve already thought a lot about. I love social media and this class is a really cool complement to the Integrated Marketing Communications class I took last semester.

All in all I’m loving learning more about the global economy, marketing techniques, the spread of culture, social media strategy, and the foreign exchange market. So 18 credits is fine for now.


4 thoughts on “Classy Gal

    • No but Consumer Behavior is! She’s great. My Internet Marketing professor is eh. (just kidding I think he reads these so I thought that would be funny – he actually worked at Dice with dad and is pretty neat as well)

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