this is not on my editorial calendar

The hard thing about allowing a class to take over your personal blog is that it somehow becomes less personal. And, if I can use the word personal about 8 more times here, if I’m trying to represent myself and my personal brand honestly, I don’t need to be professional and write about industry related topics in every post. I mean that’s almost impersonal. So in this short post I’ll present to you a little more of my personality.

Men are the worst: this has always been true and always will be true. This statement excludes all of my male family members because they are bomb, but includes every male my age that has ever spoken any type of words to me. After talking with one of my only takeaway friends from my time abroad about her bitterness – towards men, towards society, towards her “rotting heart” (she’s literally the most genuine//generous woman I know so that is actually a joke) – we decided men are the root of our unhappiness. We reminisced back to a time when we were independent and powerful and in control. And now senior year has arrived, and I’m dreading our family Christmas where I once again have to report back that no, Uncle Rog, I am not seeing anyone and yes, Grandma, I know I’m getting to be that age. That age where all of my female family members were already married by, including both of my happily married sisters whose husbands I adore. But this message of urgency is outweighed in my mind by the message I used to hear from them – that you should never ever settle for less than what you deserve. Not that I deserve a prince or anything (although if you know any…), but if I haven’t found what I’m looking for then I am not just going to shrug my shoulders and grab the nearest manchild who looks my way.

That’s my rant about boys. But it’s strange because, contrary to popular belief, women can b*tch about men and still care about changing the world. Yesterday was Columbus Day. Which go ahead and watch this video if you’re unsure of the controversy that surrounds this holiday (it’s risqué at parts, fair warning, the message is there though):

Columbus Day is a terrible holiday. Yes, it’s the reason that many of us are here in the US, as he kind of opened the European floodgates to the Americas. But I’m sorry I just can’t get on board with celebrating a man that slaughtered entire groups of people for the benefit of himself and his sponsor nation. I read an article yesterday though that made me so happy though, which is about Minneapolis rebranding Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day. This is so perfect. We celebrate so many cultures in the U.S. and the indigenous, from my perspective, always seem to be the ones to get left out. It’s even better that they’re creating this day in place of a holiday that celebrated the eradication of their culture, something that just makes you think “well yeah, finally, why were not doing this before.” I’m not sure the rest of the country’s stance on this but I hope that this positive change continues to spread.

Back to personal though: this weekend is Drake’s fall break. I get to go explore a little bit of Milwaukee with one of my best friends, and then visit my sister in Lacrosse. Lacrosse I have been to, and no offense Kimberly, could not really see myself living there. However, I’ve heard awesome things about Milwaukee, and while I’m trying to figure out where to live after graduation, I think this visit will be so cool for me. And I get to met Nappie. napi

That’s it. Sorry Professor Fleming that this was a bit off topic but sometimes you just need to vent and everyone needed to know about Columbus Day and Nappie.

I am also considering a live feed of all the boy-related questions I receive at the Wheeler Family Christmas so look out for that in a few months – I’d love for everyone to follow along and commiserate with me. TY, xoxo.


One thought on “this is not on my editorial calendar

  1. at least a running snap chat to keep us all appraised. but really – I loved your boy rant. I’ve told you before, but you have NO timeline. There isn’t a blue print. No required age, specific time, or exact location to find a boy (hopefully when you do find him, he will have graduated from boy to man)… and it’ll happen in the perfect timing for YOU. “We” can’t wait for another uncle, but we’re SO in love with AUNT Mollie.
    Love, Sarah {& E, and baby}

    PS – Have fun in Wisconsin! E was convinced you were in class when he begged to see you Monday <3

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