can you post a blog without a title I wonder? (no)

A short excerpt from this weekend:

me: kim do you think we would be friends if we weren’t sisters?

kim: no

me: oh

kim: why, do you think we would?

me: oh absolutely not, I was just expecting a little more hesitation I think

Kimberly Askren is my sister (blood not KKG). She is a 25 year old pharmacist, wife, and mother of 0 (and don’t you dare ask her when/if she’s having children because it is not your business). She is strong, motivated, clear-headed, fairly quiet, independent, and driven. When I tell older pharmacy students that she is my sister, they tilt their heads in an attempt to grasp not our facial resemblance, because that’s there, but rather the resemblance of our personalities. This part of us is different, and kind of the same, and here is how:

Kim walks past a pile of leaves and steps on them because she likes to hear the crunch and is secretly still a child.

I walk past a pile of leaves and immediately plan the giant leaf pile that I am going to make with my friends when I get back home in order to both relive my childhood and also kill 2 hours while I procrastinate doing real work.

That is just one example but shows a few key differences and similarities. We both like to have fun. But my idea of fun is a little louder and larger, while Kim is a little more laid back in that area. She can quietly crunch her leaves and smile to herself and be happy with that. I’ve always been the sister than needs something a little more (yes we do have another sister and I may analyze her at some point this semester as well). Kim is an introvert, I am an extrovert. Kim is also more focused than I am. We are both successful and smart (although her ACT score beat mine by 1 point and I will never forgive her for that), but Kim has always known exactly who she was and what she wanted to do. For me, if you maybe couldn’t tell, I kind of wander around life, admiring the pretty things around me and hoping my life’s purpose will eventually fall out of the sky, into my lap. We are lucky to have been born from the same womb because, as different as we are, we’re good for each other.

My fall break adventure wasn’t just spent in Lacrosse though. I first went to Milwaukee to visit a dear friend of mine. She goes by Cooper and loves chicken fingers. I wanted to visit Milwaukee to see if maybe that was the type of city where I could see myself living. It was. The downtown, the suburbs, the tiny communities that popped up randomly, the lake, the universities. I loved it. Cooper’s mom suggested I look at Kohl’s for a possible job. I told her I had also worked retail and was aiming a bit higher. She meant corporate Kohl’s though and then I felt dumb. Apparently, they’re supposed to have an awesome work environment for millennials. So I think I’m going to look into it. I just keep picturing myself next fall, my old Northface vest and my new Badgers sweatshirt (which is a requirement if you’re going to live in Wisco I think), reading a book on a bench by the beach (<<<poetry). The beach and chilly weather remind me of Chile. And I was so happy in Viña del Mar. I think it could be my place.

But how is anyone supposed to make this decision at this stage of life. Sure, if I choose MKE and hate it, I can move. But how many people actually do that.

As well as exploring two new cities, I was also able to spend a whopping 14 hours in the car with nothing but my radio and my Spanish speaking Siri to listen to. And I loved it. I like being alone with my thoughts and belting every song that comes on and feeling the wind and seeing the fall colors and speeding down the open road (just a little bit, because I like to beat Siri’s predicted arrival time). What if maybe I should just take some time and travel. See the country. Rent some books on tape and just go. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.


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