Future Plans

If one more person asks me about my future plans I will die. Or politely respond that I’m still unsure. Probably the second option but that fake smile that says “thanks so much for asking” is getting harder to and harder to create.

Here are our options (and I say our because I could use your input honestly):

Agency Life:

I could go work in a marketing/advertising agency. Here the long hours and uncertainty are countered by the exciting variety and fun work atmosphere (if I find the right place). I’ve heard both good and bad about agencies, so this is kind of up in the air. I think I would like the flexibility but hate the lack of free time.

Corporate Zombie:

I could go corporate. Wait every two years to get promoted. Map out my next 40 years and watch it all fly by me. Work the same workday every day. If I find the right corporation I know this wouldn’t be the case, but it still terrifies me. When I was considering the fast track at Target, I hated how everything was so set in stone. In 18 months you’ll become this and then in another 18 months you will die of boredom probably. I need some excitement. A fun atmosphere that encourages creativity and new ideas. If I did go corporate, I’m wondering what I’d even do. I enjoyed working in New Product Development last summer, so maybe I would choose this over straight up marketing. But who knows.

Teach Abroad:

The Teach in China program is looking more and more attractive every day. Travel, new things, excitement – those all seem like huge plusses to me. However, it is on the opposite side of the world, and it is a huge commitment. Although in the long scheme of things I know a year is nothing, I still worry about how this program might set me off-track. I’ll come back to the U.S. being one year behind all of my peers. I’m also worried that a lot of people view these teaching abroad programs as a way to put off making real decisions. Which yes. But I don’t want that to reflect negatively on me. I’ve also looked into teaching down in South America, returning to the countries that excite me and challenge me. That would be almost familiar, but still enough of a difference that I know I would enjoy my time.

Work Abroad:

I want to work in Buenos Aires. That is the beginning end and middle of my plans for next year. I would also accept anywhere in Spain or maybe even London. However, I’m not quite sure how to make that happen. I’ll be 22, fresh-faced, and often youth is not necessarily seen as a plus abroad. I want this experience before I go to get my MBA, and before I settle down and trick a boy into marrying me. But how to make it happen is the difficult part. And how to continue working on my Spanish when I’ve run out of eligible classes here at Drake is also troubling.

What do you think? While I still have zero ties, I want to get out of the US and explore the world. So obviously the second two options are of biggest interest to me. But how do I even get there is my biggest question. Next year is confusing but I know next semester I will be able to figure it all out… somehow it will all come together I think.


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