The things I did

I fell out of love with a winner, fell in like with a loser, and fell off of a hoverboard.

I traveled across the country to see friends, down to the Shores to celebrate being young, and back to my Chile to work my ass off.

I applied for a few jobs, applied for a Fulbright scholarship, and applied for graduation.

I decided to go abroad again for a J-term, decided to live in Chicago after I finish at Drake, and decided I’m honestly not great at making decisions so let’s cross our fingers for the previous two choices.

This year was honestly not the best of my life but that’s ok. I didn’t work out as much as I wanted, I worked for no pay for an entire summer, I spent that same entire summer in winter, and I read a total of 3.5 books. But there were some wins too. I argued my way to an A in a class (giving me a 4.0 year holla), I learned more about what I want to do after graduation, and I visited the coolest city in the world (Buenos Aires wow).

Looking forward though I can’t wait for what 2016 will bring me. Tomorrow I leave for Europe (Paris & Amsterdam & Duseldorf & Salamanca) for three whole weeks. After that, I turn 22 and say goodbye to my most reckless age yet. Then I have a full semester to celebrate all my college lasts with some of the best people I’ve ever known. This includes our SB Mexico trip, where we get to kick back on a beach and forget the fact that we have to actually figure our lives out this year. Which brings me to my next upcoming event: searching for my dream job (International Marketing, Chicago, if you have the hookup don’t hesitate to hook it up). In May, after I graduate, I get to stand in one of my best friend’s weddings and choke back the jealousy that she found her perfect match before the rest of us (except I’m genuinely so happy for her and I can’t wait to see the awesome things they both accomplish in their lives). The rest of the summer is a mystery. In fact, every month after May has a big cartoon red question mark covering it due to my total lacking of planning and the general uncertainty this life brings. But mostly my lack of planning.

Feel free to continue to follow my life as I’m sure it can only serve to make you feel like a more put-together person. I’ll keep you updated on all of my questionable decisions as I stumble into my last semester, across the graduation stage, and out of Des Moines.


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