Being single in February (ft. January also)

February is a hard month for singles. It’s the month where everyone realizes that yes, summer is coming back and yes, that means you have to stop eating like you’re getting ready to hibernate. However it also happens to be the month that hosts Valentine’s Day, a fun day of celebration for those in relationships, a sad reminder for those who are not. It’s not even just the day that rubs our relationship status in our faces, but the never-ending stream of posts from those who want to prove they’re happily flirting/dating/engaged/married. Your fairytale life is so fun to watch but honestly it would be nice if you could filter your audience to those that are in relationships, because they are they only ones that care. And that’s just so they can compare fairytales, to see who’s doing a better job of promoting their happiness together.

Upon re-reading the paragraph I just wrote, I’ll admit I sound a little bitter. That’s only because I probably am. My roommate told the world that we hated Valentine’s Day, right after she received an edible arrangement from a secret admirer. So while yes I still loath V Day, she is no longer allowed on our side. Any kind of romance is unacceptable for those that dislike February 14th as much as singles do.

The hardest part about being single is that it’s not just one day, it’s a full time title. Last month I took a trip to Europe: first stop Paris. Here is a photo journey through my trip:


Bucket List Checkoff: Take a romantic picture in front of the Eiffel Tower √


Single at the Louvre


Moll + Selfie Stick = 4ever


Single at a Museum

Being single in Paris was an experience. But it was honestly not as bad as I had originally thought it would be. I like my own company, and the irony of being alone and lost in the City of Love made me laugh out loud (which again, was sad, because I was alone).

After returning from Europe, I prepped myself for February (netflix √, chocolate√, scheduled naptimes√) and survived D-day in one piece. As we enter the final lap in the February love race, I am well aware I will be coming in last, and I’m decidedly enjoying the scenery rather than putting in any real effort. Those at the front- the ones who write books for each Insta caption and celebrate every 2 weeks as an anniversary- can fight it out for first. But let’s be honest I’m ok at being single. At least it gives me something to write about.

Xoxo, more about my Euro adventures when I’m done sulking in my singleness.


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