Life After College: A quick guide to following your dreams

My dream when I got to Drake 4 years ago was to travel, to make a difference, and learn something about myself. I’ve gotten to do all of those things and so many more. I’ve had the coolest mentors (Maddy & Professor E & Mitchell/Kappen, I’m lookin’ at you) and met some of the best friends I’ll ever have. I’ve had sick classes and experienced incredible events on campus. But let’s talk about my dreams for a second. Because I know you’re all dying to hear them.

My first dream was to see the world, and I’ve traveled more these past two years than ever before, never having even left the country before 2014. I’ve seen some awesome spots, crossed things off my bucket list (from gazing at the Eiffel Tower to parasailing in the Gulf of Mexico), and admitedly added even more things on to my bucket list (London’s calling).

I think I’ve made a difference, if even at a small level. I ran for First Year Senator and lost (thanks Stally basement), letting me become Community Outreach Senator that spring and actually accomplish a few tangible things in Des Moines. I’ve had the chance to volunteer through Alpha Kappa Psi and Kappa Kappa Gamma (two organizations that have completely shaped my time here). But my main goal at Drake was to be a positive influence on the people around me. While I know that isn’t true for everyone I’ve met here (there’s like at least one soccer/football player I can’t stand and they are very aware of that), I think I’ve been able to brighten a few people’s time here and that’s not so bad.

And lastly I’ve learned about myself. Through traveling, through living alone in Chile for 3 months, through jumping around organizations to find what’s most important to me… I have a better grasp on myself than I did freshman year, and I think I’m in a better place because of it. I know what’s valuable to me and I know what I want to do in this life. And that’s live it to the absolute fullest. I honestly don’t think that could be any more cliche but people so oftentimes say this and then neglect to step out of their comfort zone and actually do it.

I had the privilege of attending a breakfast a few weeks back that was directed at all our Drake women in business. My peers and I listened to the coolest woman talk about her journey after college and the cool, unexpected, exciting places it took her. But her main point she wanted us to take away? Step out of your comfort zone. She attributes this simple phrase for taking her where she’s been. It’s not always easy to take a risk and not know exactly where you’ll land. Uncertainty is the worst. But isn’t it worth it if it takes you even one step further towards your dreams?

Sorry this is cheesy af but the weather is nice and I haven’t been in this great of a mood since I last saw the sun, aka August. Right now I am job searching, which is just a rollercoaster of emotions, as I prepare myself to enter real adulthood in 3 months. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to move to Chicago, and as anxious/nervous/terrified as I am to be fully on my own, I know I’ve been preparing for this for four years now. I’m going to experience everything Chitown has to offer me – lakeside runs, cooking classes, the nightlife, sports related things idk, parks, a job probably… Honestly in my head this is all smushed together into one fun montage- Walking on Sunshine is playing and I’m so happy. I know there are going to be some bumps in the road that didn’t make the cut into my make-believe montage (for example the multiple rejection emails I’ve received), but I’m ready to take the good and bad as they come. I’m not taking my twenties for granted, and I’m completely ready to see where life is about to take me. After all, I’m following my dreams, and “it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” (If you can recognize my second favorite book from that quote, then you really get me.)




One thought on “Life After College: A quick guide to following your dreams

  1. <3 xoxo. glad you're not moving NOW… can't wait to spend a bit more time with you before you get out of des moines (i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous) and spread those wings even more. can't wait for graduation :)

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