Bye Evanston

The test run is over. Tonight I took my last lukewarm shower in my first big girl apartment. No, I haven’t sworn off hygiene just yet (although soap is expensive really). August 29th is my scheduled move out day for my summer sublease. Which is really quite convenient with my move in day for my real apartment being September 1st. Thanking God for my gracious best friend and her awesome fam, who are taking me in for 3 days until we begin the big move. Asking God why it is necessary for me to commute 2 hours each way the next couple days. He said he will get back to me.

This week is going to be tough (please see previous sentence), but so was the last week so I think I’m prepared. Last Sunday, my grandmother passed away. She’s been gone for 1 week. Although we weren’t very close, this was one of my first real losses. I was grateful to GGP for letting me take a few days to head home and be with my family. As sad as funerals are, this one let me see some of my favorite people. Of course, family events always bring out the drama gene. I am continually learning new things about our story, and generally those new things are things I didn’t need to know. As rough as this week was, with hours of driving and my crazy family and the loss of my grandma, overall I am so happy to have a family that loves me and supports me in all I do.

Speaking of family – I might have had family bonding overload this week! Kidding. It was awesome. I got to see my dad & step fam TWICE, plus my sister and her husband who I haven’t seen all summer. We all headed to Milwaukee (only a 1.5 hour drive for me) to catch a Brewers vs. Pirates game. Miller Park is GIGANTIC – it was such a fun time. Helped that the Pirates won. Afterward we played cards and talked politics at the hotel, which was actually great. I love to argue. Especially with people who make valid points (and possibly convince me to change my opinion on certain topics… although I would never admit that). I also love playing games, and joking around with people who really get me. Sometimes I forget how nice that is. This morning, we explored Milwaukee a little bit before my dad and fam headed home. Kim and Trev stayed, and we had lunch right on the river. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Until next time.

Back to my Evanston sign off – I’m more sad than I thought I’d be. I like change and new beginnings. It’s the endings I have a tough time with. This is the apartment where I first developed a hatred towards trumpet players who don’t own watches, where I was infested by gnats, where my lack of AC factored heavily into my decision to chop my hair, where I doubted my decision to move, where I patted myself on the back for being independent, where I broke a sweat washing dishes (see above AC comment), where I made one giant bag of frosted flakes last all summer, where my friends and I whined about our jobs and our hangovers (mom, KIDDING about the hangovers!), and where I confirmed that I have very mixed feelings about living alone. I’m ready for this next adventure – roommates in wrigley (lookout for that memoir). I can’t wait to come home from work to friends, and share clothes again, and spend nights in with other human beings. I won’t mention the nights out in too much detail, as my mother is already worried about the party scene in Wrigleyville. But I’m excited for those too.

Stay tuned for hopefully a very soon update on my job, and most likely many public apologies to my aforementioned roommates re: my cleaning habits.


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