Tidbits from a boring adult

Transitioning into adult life I basically assumed would feel like dying, like all my best days were far behind me. I think I was wrong. I love my new city, and having the cash money to actually do fun things. In college I borrowed clothes and formal dresses, begged the underclassmen for food swipes, and was an all around cheapskate. Not that any of that has really changed, I can just afford to be a little more loose with the purse strings now. Money aside, adult life is pretty interesting so far. For example…

I joined a gym. Or I guess, not so much a gym as a spa located inside a gym. That’s right readers, I’m ballin now. I don’t think I had ever even been inside a spa before this year, much less purchased their services on a monthly basis. Granted, it’s a gym spa not a five star relaxation zone but it works. Plus walking past all the dedicated lifters and joggers and jazzercisers on my way to get my tan on is really just so motivating. I.E. maybe I’ll skip that third cookie today. Occasionally I’ll join my roommate who has a real membership and she’ll show me the workouts she does with her personal trainer. Please see below screenshot from Girls where Hannah tries to learn how to exercise – this should serve as a visual representation of what V and I look like working out. Guess which one I am?


I’ve lost my phone twice in the past two weeks. I’m considering getting it surgically attached to my hand (my mother makes enough jokes how it is now, really have nothing to lose here). Once was on the El where a nice man yanked me back and pointed to the seat where my baby lay, shivering and scared to continue the journey down to 95th alone. I quickly rescued her and thanked my hero profusely. Lucky for him I had to get off at that stop or I may have actually kissed him. The second was just yesterday, in an uber. I felt so terrible making the guy come back that I tipped him probably too much. Merry Christmas uber driver.

I’ve found my calling, which is networking events. Do you know how little pressure there is to attend these things when you’re not looking for a job or selling anything? It’s literally just a mixer to make friends and mingle. And drink. Like a classier version of Saturday night. People in this setting are just fun, for the most part. And I no longer feel like a recent college grad, the desperation to gain both a real job and recognition of my adulthood oozing off of me.

I’m learning the most random things at work. Like the difference between a media buying agency, a third party agency, a media planning agency, etc etc forever there are so many types. I’m learning how to create marketing pieces although I’m not on a marketing team. Sales support means I get to help our reps invite new advertisers into our space, and the best way to do that is with a cold call and a warm one-sheet showing the different options available to them. My sister asked for one of my pieces to hang on her fridge. So basically I am an artist. Or back in third grade. Can’t decide what she meant by it.

Investing gets me riled up. You want to talk about football please find anyone else to harass. You want to talk about stock strategy and mutual funds I can’t get enough. Probably because this is a world where I know nothing but the fact that I should know something. Money making money while you sit and go about your daily life? Yes sign me up thank you. My company also offers a 401 k which is this magical account that accumulates your own money and your company match, and then grows in whatever funds your portfolio manager decides to invest in. I’m drooling right now I should change the subject.

Our apartment has an in-home bar now. Which means my days of bartending are not yet over. Christmas wish list – a recipe book for cocktails (are you there @Santa, it’s me Mollie). All I really perfected in college were Vegas bombs and vodka lemonades, not that I’m complaining. Occasionally we’d try out a few new shots, although those nights generally ended with none of us remembering which ones were winners and which ones were trash, aka we had to try them all again the next night. Now of course we’re classing up our experiments with real glasses and real alcohol (bye Burnett’s) but the idea is the same. Less consumption and more enjoyment – ghost of college past can you believe that’s a thing.

While the new connections in this new city have been a bit of a slow process, I feel like I’m finally gaining some sort of foothold. Mostly by stealing my best friend’s friends and family. Her sister told me I’m going to be in her wedding I legitimately shed tears (maid of honor I think even, bye Vivi you can be guest book).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Just booked a trip to Germany for March. Which, after my January cruise, is the most exciting part of my 2017 plans yet. I like my life. And I like my friend Kallie who I get to see for the first time in over a year. Party on.(PS look at how awesome her Euro life is right now. Let the jealousy sink in-)

And I like my family. Not to play off the last fun fact with Kallie, as these thoughts are supposed to be as disconnected and adhd as they are in my head, but I really do like them. It’s harder now to be far away from both my core and my Wisco sister, but we’re making it work. Maybe there’s even a family vacation in our future… And I don’t just mean the 10 times we’ll be watching the Griswolds celebrate the holidays on December 24th.

That’s all.


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